Bendtner can be a success

Nottingham Forest manager Phillipe Montanier believes that NicklasBendtner can be a success in England.

He said that he had not signed the player just for the sake of making signings as he genuinely believes that the player can be a success at Forest. He said that the former Arsenal player has shown his hunger and that he wants to play.


Real Madrid superstar player Gareth Bale is set to make a UEFA Champions League record if the current title holders make true their dream of lifting the title for the 12th time next year.


Host of the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil are set to meet Denmark in the final group game of the men’s event.

Nicolas Bendtner career downgrading everyday

Nicolas Bendtner career has turned out into a major disappointment and he has come a long way from his days of being recognised as a talented young striker while at Arsenal.

After his stint with various clubs like Juventus, Arsenal, Sunderland, and Birmingham City, he has just been released by German outfit Wolfsburg after failing to hold on a first-team spot at the club. Bendtner has always been known as a confident striker, but his confidence has sometimes turned into arrogance. It has let him down more often than not, but there remains a goalscorer within the player.

Bendtner released by Wolfsburg

German club Wolfsburg has released former Arsenal striker NicklasBendtner.

The Denmark international join Wolfsburg in 2014 on a free transfer and still had 14 months left on his contract. The German club has announced that they have ended NicklasBendtner contract with immediate effect.

In a statement released by the club, Wolfsburg said that the former Arsenal player is no longer a player of the club and that the contract which was supposed to run until 2017 is no longer valid. The statement said that NicklasBendtner has not been training with the club for some time now and that he has been exempted from participating in the training session. This means that NicklasBendtner is free to join any club during the transfer window.


Former Arsenal striker, Nicklas Bendtner trolled Spurs as they eventually lost the second position to Arsenal in the English Premier League, after Sunday’s stunning results.

Wolfsburg terminating contract with Nicklas Bendtner and out of Denmark

It’s been over 2 months since Nicklas Bendtner performed a competitive match with his club Wolfsburg and even though his contract with the German club is set to expire in 2017, reports and rumors have been emerging claiming that his time with the Bundesliga squad is about to end as he is not wanted anymore.

Nicklas Bendtner arrived to Wolfsburg on a free transfer from Arsenal on August of 2014 but he has failed to make his presence truly felt in the pitch and the Danish player has received infractions due to disciplinary issues and he was also fined for being late in training sessions.

Klaus Allofs is the sporting director of Wolfsburg and he did confirm that discussions have been taking place as the proper actions are being done to release Nicklas Bendtner as fast as possible.

Nicklas Bendtner comments on Fine after Arriving late

“I just slept in late and didn't hear my alarm.”

These are the exact words of Nicklas Bendtner after receiving a fine from Wolfsburg for arriving late and oversleeping. The Wolfsburg forward supposedly arrived 45 minutes late for training and Wolfsburg wasn't buying his excuse. So what does this mean for Nicklas Bendtner?

The forward has been left out of the match day squad for the previous six matches. This Monday is when the forward opened up about being late and being fined by the Wolfsburg club for showing up late. Previously playing as a forward for Arsenal, Bendtner doesn't appear to have any kind of future with the Bundesliga club because he was dropped from the squad. His fines are adding up to be 50 every single minute he appears late.

Klaus Allofs claims that striker Nicklas Bendtner has been a failure at the German club

Wolfsburg director of sport Klaus Allofs claims that striker Nicklas Bendtner has been a failure at the German club.

This is yet another sign of discontent amongst the club. The former Arsenal forward joined Wolfsburg 18 months ago and signed a three-year contract with the hope of reviving his career. Bendtner has spent the best part of the last five years on loan at various clubs while trying to get a move from Arsenal. He could be going down the same road once again, as Wolfsburg are not very keen on keeping him at the club.

Bendtner's Wolfsburg spell branded a 'failure'

Klaus Allofs, the director of sport for Wolfsburg, has branded Nicklas Bendtner a sheer ‘failure’ as he has been unable to deliver things that was expected of him when he became a part of the German league 18 months ago from EPL side Arsenal.

The Dane signed a 3 year deal with the Wolfsburg after Arsenal sent him on a series of loan transfers with Juventus, Birmingham and Sunderland. He could not register a lasting impression with any of these clubs. Now, Allofs has also stated that Nicklas Bendtner current stint is also not going well with this club.


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