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Bendtner can be a success

Nottingham Forest manager Phillipe Montanier believes that NicklasBendtner can be a success in England.

He said that he had not signed the player just for the sake of making signings as he genuinely believes that the player can be a success at Forest. He said that the former Arsenal player has shown his hunger and that he wants to play.

Phillipe Montanier stated that he had thought a lot about Bendtner and had even invited the player to train with the team for two days. This has given him the opportunity to assess the player carefully and to ensure that the player will be a success for the team. He said that the deal would be a positive one for both the team as well as the player.

Phillipe Montanier was a bit surprised by the interest shown by Bendtner to play for Forest as he considers the player as a big star. He said that the player was desperate to play and has a point to prove in England. The coach said that it is important that a player displays some form of hunger before playing for a team, and this is what he saw in the former Arsenal player.
He believes that Nottingham Forest has a good team this season and that they should be able to compete in the league. It is too early to speak about promotion and at the moment they want to take each game as it comes and try to win it. It is only after that that they can consider whether they can make a serious push for promotion.

He said that it is unlikely that NicklasBendtner will start in the team at the moment as he still has to work on his fitness. He stated that there is a good team spirit in the team and that all players are motivated to do well.

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