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Arsenal long term manager Arsene Wenger has reiterated that his investment and hope in Danny Welbeck would bear fruits, saying the player’s best was yet to come.

In his over two decades in the English Premier League the French manager easily qualifies as someone who can spot real talent. He said that Welbeck was going to excel at the Emirates, openly expressing his optimism despite other predictions going southward in the past.

With investments in Park Chu-Young, Nicklas Bendtner and Francis Jeffers being evidence of poor talent management for Wenger many opine that Welbeck would not be able to reach his potential at the club but Wenger remains resilient.

Welbeck is expected to get play time, no matter how minimal, when Arsenal host Burnley in the Premier League but many have written off the 26-year old Englishman from reaching levels Wenger hopes he would.

Arsenal acquired the rights to the player in 2014 when Louis van Gaal was in charge at Old Trafford for £16 million but the long term injury would really mess things up. It would take a while for the players to reach former levels which ordinarily are barely sufficient in a top side like Arsenal but then again it is Wenger in charge.

“He is a good finisher as well and that was a bit before he got injured. You could see that was coming out because when he played at Man United he didn’t score enough goals. Suddenly it was coming and so he has been stopped just at the wrong moment,” Wenger admitted.

Welbeck gradually worked his way to becoming the first choice striker but has to start all over again in a competitive team in an even more competitive league.

Many worry Wenger feels sorry for the player who has been out of action for almost two years but the coach remains hopeful.

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