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Theo Walcott also to Leave Arsenal?

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott has become a hot commodity in the world of football with potential clubs poised to swoop down and pluck him right up. With the upcoming transfer window opening in January, it seems that several clubs are considering scooping up Walcott to join their clubs.

One of the most recent reports indicate that Spartak Moscow is the latest club contemplating making a play for Walcott in January. This could test the resolve of Arsenal to hang on to their winger. Walcott is in his final year of his contract. While he has been offered an extension to remain with the team Walcott has turned down these offers. It is possible that he will be available next summer as a free transfer. This has piqued the interest of some other Premier League teams.

Arsene Wenger has started Walcott in only one Premier League match so far. Wenger may be willing to let Walcott go before the end of the season given his lack of use; due to the failure of Walcott to live up to his potential. Also, the presence of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is contributing to Walcott’s lack of starts.

While Russia may be willing to make a bid for Walcott, many believe that this simply will not come to pass. There are many Premier League teams courting Walcott among which would be Manchester City. Many see the winger remaining within the English league rather than moving to the Russian Premier League. Since joining Arsenal from the South Coast, Walcott has appeared in 222 matches. During his playing time, Walcott has scored a total of 42 goals.

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