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Nicklas Bendtner comments on Fine after Arriving late

“I just slept in late and didn't hear my alarm.”

These are the exact words of Nicklas Bendtner after receiving a fine from Wolfsburg for arriving late and oversleeping. The Wolfsburg forward supposedly arrived 45 minutes late for training and Wolfsburg wasn't buying his excuse. So what does this mean for Nicklas Bendtner?

The forward has been left out of the match day squad for the previous six matches. This Monday is when the forward opened up about being late and being fined by the Wolfsburg club for showing up late. Previously playing as a forward for Arsenal, Bendtner doesn't appear to have any kind of future with the Bundesliga club because he was dropped from the squad. His fines are adding up to be 50 every single minute he appears late.

“It's my mistake” is how the forward tried to cover it up but the Wolfsburg club wasn't having any of it.This spells nothing but bad news for the Wolfsburg forward because he's not turning many heads with his performance in games either. The 28 year old has scored twice this season and coach Dieter Heckling has now admitted that Bendtner was no longer even on the radar for consideration.

While the Wolfsburg club will go on to do just find and can easily find a suitable replacement, the future of Bendtner is unclear at this point and not even he knows exactly what he's going to do. While his contract still has a little over a year left with Wolfsburg, they couldn't be happier that it's ending in a short year and they'll be looking to completely dismiss and get rid of Bendtner. The forward however did win a Serie A title while he was on loan for Juventus over the Summer. The lesson here, is to take your football career more seriously.

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