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NicklasBendtner might leave Wolfsburg sooner than expected

NicklasBendtner has a contract with Wolfsburg which extends until 2017 but the German forward seems to be inching his away from the club and now rumors are starting to spread stating that Bendtner is on the verge of exiting the team.

The 27 year old forward is mostly being used as a back-up option performing as a substitute player and only getting scraps of playing time in certain matches, this is something that has not pleased Bendtner and he has recently voiced his disgust in relation to the role that he has been playing with the team.

"My time at Wolfsburg is like a rollercoaster ride. I always want to play, as I have said a million times. The best way is to score like I did and contribute to the success." This was the statement that Bendtner released back in October when he scored a goal against Bayern Leverkusen.

There even are rumors going on claiming that Bendtner does not have a healthy relationship with the head coach of the club Dieter Hecking and its only a matter of time until a breaching point occurs.

Not too long ago, in a recent interview Bendtner stated that he has a lot of similarities with ZlatanIbrahimovic of PSG but that he just hasn’t had the same luck as his Swedish counterpart.

"We are both authentic. We are who we are. And we say what we think. Zlatan can look back on an incredible career. He has won the league in every country he's played in. I've got huge respect for him."Bendtner said as he praised ZlatanIbrahimovic

All that Bendtner wants to do is to join a club where he can get secured playing time and start scoring goals as well as lifting major trophies and this is something that the German forward has not been able to consistently do despite having already joined and performed in 5 different clubs in his playing career.

If Bendtner continues playing a substitute role in Wolfsburg, he will likely be finding his way out of the German club and searching around for a new club. The transfer window opens in January, so these few weeks might be his last ones as a performer of the German club.

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