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NicklasBendtner missed a training session and was dropped from the team

NicklasBendtner was not featured in Wolfsburg’s Bundesliga match against Schalke 04 which took place at the Volkswagen Arena on April 19 but despite rumors that were linking Bendtner with a possible injury; the Danish player had to miss out from this game after being late during a training session.

Being dropped from the main team of Wolfsburg is the punishment that the manager gave to NicklasBendtner after the 27 year old forward arrived late during a training session of his team, the day after they had lost 4-1 against Napoli.

Dieter Hecking is the manager of Wolfsburg and he wasn’t very happy to see his team suffer a resounding 4-1 defeat when playing against Napoli in the first leg of their quarter-final Europa League match. The day after this match NicklasBendtner arrived late to a regular training session of his team and this was why the former Arsenal was dropped and did not perform in the Bundesliga match of his team when they played with Schalke 04 which concluded with a final scoreboard of 1-1.

The 50 year old German manager of Wolfsburg, Dieter Hecking told the media: ‘’Nicklas was going to play from the beginning but our training session was clearly earlier than he thought. As a team we have some rules that everyone should keep. When you break those rules you have to take the consequences. But we have spoken to Nicklas and everything is OK again’’

Even though Bendtner was dropped from their match against Schalke 04, Dieter Hecking said that things are alright now as he has spoken with Bendtner and he seems to be relaxed as the player knows that he made a mistake in arriving to the training session of his team and he is hoping to get back to the pitch as soon as possible.

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