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Nicklas Bendtner Was Fined for Assaulting a Taxi Driver

Nicklas Bendtner has recently been in a tussle with a taxi driver. This resulted in him breaking the driver’s jaw which resulted in him spending 50 days behind bars. This all started when he refused to pay the fare of 4.8 pounds which he owed the taxi. Though the sentence has been appealed by the player, he now has to pay a much higher fine amount. The court has ordered him to pay about 1000 pounds as compensation.

The incident occurred when he was out one night in Copenhagen in September. He refused to pay the fare and broke the taxi drivers jaw over a fight. The court was shown footage of the Rosenberg footballer punching the taxi driver and then kicking him even as he was lying on the ground.


Being a Danish international footballer, this can have adverse repercussions on his career. He issued a public apology three days after the incident. He stated that he loved to protect people and that the incident was unfortunate and that it ended up the way it did. He directed his apology to his fans as well as Rosenborg’s audiences. He stated that he regretted what had happened and was sorry that he was facing a jail sentence or a fine to his name. He also regretted that this incident stole focus from the team and he hoped that his team would understand and stand by him.
Till now Nicklas Bendtner has scored about 30 goals in a total of 81 matches that he has played for Rosenberg. He left Arsenal in the year 2014 where he did not win any trophies. After that, he played for several clubs such as Nottingham Forest, and Wolfsburg before he joined Rosenborg. He won two goals in European Championship in 2012 and one in the World Cup in 2010.

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