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Nicklas Bendtner Sentenced to Jail for 50 Days in Assault Case in Demark

Nicklas Bendtner who is a professional player of Football playing for the Denmark team as a remarkable forward currently playing in Eliteserien club Rosenberg and for the Denmark national team; he can play the left, right or center forward positions preferring mostly the center forward. He signed his first official contract for Arsenal in 2005. He has now recently been in news for assaulting a taxi driver and this could see him be in jail for 50 days.

It was in the league cup in 2005, he had made played his debut match. In the season of 2006 to 2007, he made 48 appearances in Birmingham city. He played for Arsenal in the 2010-11 seasons also. In the season of 2011 and 2012, he had appeared in the times for 30 times. As for the 2012-13 seasons he just made 10 appearances.

“The incident has been proven by the footage of the CCTV but the player has said that he had felt threatened and that was the reason he had to take action against “the Taxi Driver. When they had left the cab without clearing the payment, the player said that he had been thrown a can and a bottle at him and his girlfriend and that was the reason behind the action. The sentence has been challenged in the “court and the result “of the same is yet to be seen.

Unfortunately, he was released by Arsenal in 2014 joining VFL Wolfsburg. In 2015 he played for the team in DFL-Super cup. In 2016 he was again released to transfer to England with Nottingham Forest of the championship.
He has featured for his international team Denmark in the Under 21, Under 19, Under 16, and Under 17 also. He was a part of the squad of the FIFA cup and the UEFA Cup. Also help them to qualify for the FIFA world cup 2018.

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