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Nicklas Bendtner says he dont care about what others says

Former Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner says that he does not care about what others have to say about him. Instead, he is focusing on better things in life.

The 27-year-old Danish forward is currently playing for Bundesliga outfit Wolfsburg after joining the club in the summer. He has been relatively decent for the Bundesliga team after scoring three goals in just four starts. Bendtner, though, has not been a regular starting player for Wolfsburg. Most of his 15 appearances have come as a substitute. Despite his lack of consistent goals, Bendtner has been subjected to continuous Internet trolling.

The 27-year-old says that he has met several people who are extremely comfortable with his attitude, while there are those who absolutely hate him. He says that the world will be like this and it does not make any improvements to concentrate on such talk. Instead, he wants to focus on improving his football. Known for his extreme amounts of confidence, the 27-year-old says that he has definitely changed a lot since his move to Germany. He reveals that he has been training in a different sort of way in order to help him accommodate into this Wolfsburg team, who appear to be the favourites for the second place this season.

"I am not sure what my image is. It's different for different people, I believe.My mother always told me that I am person who polarises [opinion]. There is this saying in Denmark: 'You are someone who divides the sea.'I meet people, who think that I am the greatest person in the world, and I also meet others who want to throw bottles at me. I came to Wolfsburg to play football, and for nothing else. I am delighted and thankful to be in Wolfsburg. At first, it was hard to conceive that performances in training are very important,” said Bendtner.

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