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Former Arsenal player Nicklas Bendtner was known for many of his off-field troubles, as well as the stirs he caused in the dressing room and around the club. The former Denmark international striker was battling with several personal issues that affected his professional career.

One of the various personal problems he battled with was gambling. He recently disclosed that he had a huge addiction to gambling and it took him quite a long time before he realized he was going to cause himself some harm if he continued.

Bendtner revealed that earlier in his career when he was just 23 years old, he battled with several injuries and needed to find a way to stir excitement in him once again and had to take to gambling.
He said that as of then, he did not know it was such a bad thing, that he felt it was normal and a fun thing to do considering he could even make money off it.
Speaking to the BBC, Bendtner said that sometimes it felt like it was an addiction but cited that he always thought he had everything under control. He then talked about the night he was already losing £400,000, claiming that night was the turning point for him.
Although he said despite being £400,000 down, he ended up recovering a huge amount of the money back and ended up losing just £20,000.
He narrated that he was tensed that night and felt terrible especially when he was losing that huge amount. But after winning a large chunk of the money back, he sat down in his hotel room, reflected on his actions, and decided he was never going to engage himself in such jig gambling nights anymore.
He said part of the conclusions he came to was that he didn't want to go down in history as just someone who played football and lost all his money while gambling.

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