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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry says he is impressed and optimistic of summer signing Alexander Lacazette’s chances of succeeding at the Emirates.

The 20-year old joined Arsene Wenger’s men from Lyon and his compatriot who is regarded as one of the best to ever pull on the Gunner’s jersey has hinted Alex is fully equipped to meet expectations.

"His overall play is on point. Obviously he is going to have to score goals and goals and goals to get the crowd going, but the way he has started is very good for me,” beamed the veteran.

The arrival from Olympique Lyonnais took less than two minutes to register his name on the scoresheet against Leicester City in the season’s opening Premier League fixture last Friday. Although Shakespeare’s men will later rattle Wenger’s on route to turning the tie on its head and come from the early deficit to lead the match twice, two quick fire goals within the space of two minutes showed the Gunners were in no mood to retire to their chambers with empty hands against a beatable team and much less on their own turf.

Lacazette’s flexibility late on as they rallied for a point that eventually ended in them stealing the whole three from a Leicester team that given their industry, deserved at least one, was not lost on any keen observer. The France international started at the center forward position and demonstrated that he could pace up and meet through-balls as well as be productive at the left side of the attack line.

For the first time Wenger has what Man City have in Sergio Aguero, a poacher with options especially pace something Denmark international NicklasBendtner was billed to possess but failed miserably at executing.

That is why Arsenal could afford to have Lacazette and Giroud at the same time and yet combined effectively to torment a Foxes team with a respectable defense. Henry though maintains that the middle remains Lacs’ best position:

“I think Lacazette is going to play in the centre. That is where I would like to see him play. Giroud can offer a lot and he showed that but I would love to see the partnership that Sanchez and Lacazette can create,” he concluded.

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